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New challenges....

So, I always find it better to embrace, if possible, new situations and now that most of us are having to work from home and be on the premises pretty much 24/7 it is obviously a prime time to do those horrible jobs that have been neglected for the past decade or so. You know, like vacuum up the flies in the attic, strim that wild part of the garden with the strimmer that has not been used for nigh on 20 years and that will probably frustrate me so much that it will be flung in anger to a different corner of the shed, etc.

But on a last recce into York it did strike me as being a bit like that great film "Shaun of the Dead" (but WITHOUT the zombies, obviously!) as I trotted around and barely a soul was around.

And as usual Betty's Tearoom had a wonderfully delicious window display

And then there were also those shops which struggled to even have a full shelf to display!

But on a very delicious note, some wonderful regular guesties celebrated their 10th Anniversary of coming to stay here with us in Crayke by bringing us cake!! Life does not get much better than sharing cake with friends!

So remember that when this is all over, it will be a great excuse to bake a cake and go and drop in on those buddies you have had to avoid for the past few weeks..................(so don't believe anyone who says cake is bad for you!!)

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