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Never in my lifetime....

....have I had to cut the lawn in the month of February (though this is in fact an ambigious term as that implies that we have grass on our lawn as oppose to the moss and dandelions that we do in fact have instead!) But having watched the rain pounding down now for weeks on end and the grass growing ever higher in that lush green way that generally you associate with vegetation in Rainforests, it was time to don the wellies, lawnmower, and more importantly, a decent set of headphones and Spotify for what was going to be an arduous task....

But on a positive note it was good exercise and now it is clearer to see all the weeds sprouting up in the borders!

Nature is obviously being coerced by the mild weather into bringing Spring forward a little as was evident when Riley and I were out for a walk around Crayke and spotted this Hawthorn hedge coming into leaf...

The pleasures of winter and having a B&B means that it can be a great time to shut up shop or just indulge in some days out and recently we explored the glorious Yorkshire Dales (which are an easy day trip from Crayke) and had some trots out with Riley up and down dale. As a child I used to visit the Dales fairly frequently but since those heady days all those decades ago I have probably been back once so it was wonderful to return. It has to be one of the most beautiful areas in the whole of Northern England (well, that and the Lake District, obviously)

Stormy skies above Austwick

And slightly further afield on a little escape to the mountains I came across this HUGE St Bernard who was just plodding around without a care in the world and who made Riley look like a chihuahua!...but on the flipside, it was reassuring to know that if there had been an avalanche he could have carried an enormous supply of brandy in a barrel around his neck to the survivors : ) !!

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