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Nature's Harvest

T'is that time of year when the combines are (or should be!) in full throttle, the smell of grain in the air, flocks of fat wood pigeon swooping down to eat the leftover wheat, barley, and oats. But at the moment rain has put paid to that carry on but Mother Nature is still feeding us, we just need to know where to look...

These hazelnuts are not quite ready to pick but are just a short stroll down the fields from the B&B so i will be keeping an eye out for them ripening.

A little further away from home we took Riley for a walk to Sutton bank (the "best view in England" can be found here) and it was perfect timing finding these wild raspberries and bilberries as I was feeling a bit peckish...but of course the down side of eating bilberries is having the most devilish black tongue afterwards, but hey, the taste of them is just too good so what's a little blackened teeth amongst friends?!

You can see why walking up on the escarpment at Sutton Bank is just breathtakingly beautiful. And for the super energetic a mad scramble down to Lake Gormire is a perfect antidote to too much energy and find me the person who can run back up that hill and that will be the next Olympian!

You can always guarantee that at jam making/picnic eating time of the year there will be a steady stream of wasps which magically appear (bit like at the coast when you are settling down to eat your fish and chips and some great big seagull swoops down and gobbles the lot!) but this is the first time I have seen a wasps nests in the ground (an unused rabbit warren entrance) Luckily there was not a jam sandwich in sight at the time! And I didn't have an overwhelming desire to poke a stick at them either!

And talking of food (as I often do!) I discovered a great recipe for gluten free chocolate brownies for guests who are gluten intolerent. They are made with avocados and the best thing about trying out new recipes is the research and testing which has to be undertaken in such a "serious" manner (??!!) but I have to say that (and I have stamina when it comes to chocolate!) after 4 pieces even I felt a little giddy with the sugar rush...but hey, all in the name of um guest safety and satisfaction!!

Finally after gales blew the B&B sign down in the spring I admitted defeat at trying to put it back up again so called in reinforcements in the style of Superman Steve! Within two shakes of a lamb's tail it was back up and swinging gently in the breeze and for the first time since we opened 14 years ago, it was hanging straight!!

He deserved a well earned cup of tea and a slice of chocolate brownie (if only someone hadn't eaten them all...oops!!!)

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