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Love Actually

Not the wonderful film by the super talented Richard Curtis, no, love, actually, in my book at the moment is in fact the new bathrooms we have here!!

After almost 16 years of the same bathrooms and let's face it, none of us are getting any younger, we decided that the baths in the first floor en suites had to go and would be replaced with walk in showers (so forget that soak in the bath with your Himalayan Salts after a hard day walking in the glorious North Yorkshire hills, pal, cos unless you have booked the ground floor bedroom which does have a bath still, we are a thoroughly Modern Millie shower B&B now)

Our chums, the plumber and builder were slightly horrified that they had been allocated a mere two weeks to rip out the old and install the new (and before anyone stresses, the old bathrooms were upcycled to go into other folk's bathrooms so no landfill crime was committed)

And after many very late nights and copious cups of tea the transformation took place...and luckily there was not a single builder's bum in sight!!

Anyway, enough of that.

T'was time for the yearly pilgrimage to my sister's farm to check out how lambing was going and we timed it perfectly as some cute triplets had just been born

And as we all love a cute animal photo in it's natural habitat, in January I visited Scotland and look who captured my heart that grey afternoon...what a beauty he was.

And finally, i'm appalled to say that I have not (until now) ever visited Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales (and i'm certainly going to reccommend them now) as what a beautiful and dramatical sight (but then, it is Yorkshire, after all!!)

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