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Happy New Decade

And best wishes for a very happy and healthy 2020 from Hazelwood Farm.

We all know that weather patterns have all got a little haywire nowadays, what with the madly high temperatures and drought in Australia, the floods in Indonesia, and now suspiciously early Daffodils budding in Crayke...what is going on ?

But in a vague salute to more traditional winter themes we did have a very slight smattering of snow early last month just to keep some resemblance to past times in Yorkshire (note the extremely grumpy Labrador at being dragged out from his warm bed!)

Because it is January and generally we have a little more time in which to enjoy the great outdoors and all that Glorious North Yorkshire has to offer, it is a prime opportunity to explore some new walks etc. and one which was worthy of exploring was Swinsty and Fewston reservoirs (think we had the only dry day in the past 3 months to walk it!)

It was beautifully peaceful but weirdly, apart from the odd blackbird and some ducks, there was not a creature to be seen (maybe they had all taken a cheap last minute deal to the Costa del Sol...!)

And a winter cannot pass by without a visit to the incredible Castle Howard which is only a 30 minute scenic drive from Crayke

The Temple of the Four Winds which is situated just next to the perimeter wall there was built as a picnic house (forget wobbly picnic table, wasps, and mouse chewed tartan rug!!)) and reading room and in my uneducated opinion is totally beautiful (sorry about the wonky photo, too much post Christmas booze on the photographer's's really not on a lean like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!)

And I fully appreciate this next photo is totally irrelevent now (didn't get time to write a blog before Christmas!) but if ever you visit York a must see window to pore over and drool (just ever so slightly!) over is Betty's Tea Rooms as they frequently have the most incredible window displays of sweet delights and sugary creations...who can resist that, huh??! Oh yes, of course, it's January and sugar and cake and anything half decent and tasty is totally forbidden....forget grumpy Labrador, I know a grumpy human!!

And finally, a huge thank you for all the lovely and appreciated Christmas cards. As many of you will know, we no longer send Christmas cards and donate the money in lieue of to charity. This year we donated to Toilet Twinning ( and have contributed to a latrine in Malawi so if you get caught short, just follow those co ordinates!

Till next time.................

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