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Community Spirit Reignited

Just as we never thought it was physically possible to be able to watch the evening news without the B word (yes, Brexit...remember that??!) we have now launched into the impossible task (rightly or wrongly) of not being able to watch the evening news without the C word...yes, Coronovirus. And as much as the media adore catastrophes and doom and gloom (bring back Trevor McDonald, that's what I say, with his final humorous story at the end of the news bulletin) this pandemic has brought out the best in community spirit. Within days of Lockdown commencing the fine folk of Crayke had assembled a list of keen villagers who were willing to help with all manner of tasks for those unable to leave their homes, the local pubs had quickly popped together takeaway menus so we could still "have a night out at home", and other individuals just thought of stuff to make passers by smile...

This chap has been doing a different activity daily, maybe a bit of DIY, educating the "kids", painting, fixing the car engine, or like today's photo, just home after a walk in the rain! But whatever he does, it takes some folk with great imagination (and a lot of props!) to set him up daily to entertain folk passing by.

Like many people after seeing the empty shelves in supermarkets in March, we decided that maybe we should try and grow some of our own food too (apart from the copious quantities of apples, rhubarb, and strawberries that we are lucky enough to harvest each year)

So a bit of emergency DIY skill was quickly gleaned from YouTube and with a bit of scrap from around the farm, the daughter and I cobbled together some veg boxes (yes, I know tractor tyres can't be classed as "boxes" but it sounds better!) I wonder if there is a recipe online for radishes that can be served with a cooked Yorkshire breakfast?!

And no spare time has been frittered away (yet!) as the farm has been creosoted to within an inch of it's life and although all our hair is wildly out of control now, there was still an opportunity for the daughter to give the Box Trees a little trim (I sensibly declined a similar trim!)

We all know how stunning North Yorkshire is and on a recent walk setting off from the front door of the B&B we took a different direction and ended up on uncharted territory (to us!) on the Foss Walk. A breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly peaceful route.

So whenever the Lockdown eases more and B&Bs are allowed to open again, it would be great to see you once more enjoying all that Glorious North Yorkshire and Crayke has to offer, even if it's just a plate of radishes with your fried eggs and bacon!!

Stay safe and in those immortal words of Vera Lynn...."We'll Meet Again"....

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