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A life in pictures is easier than a life of words!

So being a lazy sloth like creature I thought we would start the New year with a quick resume of all things 2021 (and sooo last year, daahling!) and then I will really try and knuckle down and get to grips with the whole up to date blog thing so it's never more than a couple of months old (oh, alright then, yes, you're right, in date to within a year!)

Here goes with my resume of all things 2021....

Starting work on the new patio...blood (not really) sweat (plenty) and tears (only when I saw the bill for the concrete mix!)

And then the veg "garden" was overhauled at the same time, and the terrace power washed, and all the tractors hosed down...

And when the weather wasn't great to be outside, indoor jobs were ticked off the list, like the redecoration of the Parlour

But it clearly wasn't all work and no play for Riley (and his family!)

And every blog has to have some cute animal pics (from our meanderings around Crayke and the many public footpaths...)

And as the year trotted by the colours in the fields changed as harvest arrived and it was long hours for all involved (not me, luckily!!)

Our own Cheeky Charlie discovered the delights of straw bales...

And then it was great to be back up and running at full speed in the B&B again and welcoming lots of fantastic regulars and first time guests...and even Riley enjoyed his freedom with a pint in the Dog House at the Durham Ox!

And here we are again, full circle to winter again.

Till next time.

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