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Does Crayke have a different time dimension?

OR, is it just that i'm totally rubbish at getting around to writing a new blog?

When I last wrote a blog it was March and here we are now crashing towards year end. So, is it that time races past in this part of North Yorkshire quicker than anywhere else in the world, or is it just that this particular Blogger is a lazy old Minx?!!

Anyway, this has got to be the epitome of a glorious Yorkshire landscape in Autumn.

It has not been an easy harvest this year because of the poor weather but

Autumn view from Sutton Bank

finally the fields are changing colour again as the farmers get ploughed up and drilled with next year's crops and the grassfields become devoid of animals again as the cattle are taken inside to be housed for the impending winter.

But Riley enjoyed the view too!

And obviously it is time to put the garden "to bed". The grass cutting is throttling back now and the pruning of shrubs has begun. But the most noticeable difference will be the lack of hedging down one side of the garden as there was an incident of a bonfire being in the wrong place and a dry hedge!!

But phew, luckily our wonderful friend Alastair came to the recue to remove the burnt and blackened remains! A new hedge will be planted soon.

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