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Springing into Spring in Crayke...??

So, "Ne'er cast a clout till May be out" Is this a phrase that maybe this year we will need to pay heed to?

Winter so far has been suspiciously calm here in Crayke and the fantastic sunshine and warmth we had recently has maybe hoodwinked us into thinking that perhaps Spring has sprung...I even saw a suitably chubby hedgehog in the farmyard tonight so obviously he/she has decided enough winter napping has occurred!

And what is synonomous of Spring?

Yes, babbies and bairns! (to coin a good Geordie phrase) These were the latest arrivals at my sister and brother in law's farm and the little lambs are just oh so cute! Who needs a hot water bottle when you can cosy up with a lamb?!

And new growth, of course, is what we associate with this time of year. So if you ignore the rather yellow parsley, the rhubarb and chives are rapidly growing in our veg boxes in the garden.

And of course pretty little crocuses, aconites, daffodils etc showing their bright colours. Just ignore the pathetically sad dog in this photo (obviously hasn't had his lunch yet......

Oh, but now he has!!!

Although he was so out of puff having caught this young pigeon that even then he couldn't raise a smile for the camera!

Although there are not yet any leaves on the trees (although the leaves are starting to appear on the hedges again) the beautiful backdrop of this gorgeous rainbow near the castle in Crayke highlighted the bare beauty of the tree standing proud.

And finally (we always have to have a "finally"!) it really is time to showcase this fantastic county....summer, winter, autumn, and spring (or not as the case may be!) we are always open for you to visit and explore and enjoy : )

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