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The Partridge Family visit Crayke!

...but not THAT Partridge family, this one...

They strolled around the garden off and on for several weeks but presumably have now gone off to do a world tour, or something.

It has been amazing summer for weather and so unusual for we hardened Brits! (can anyone else remember in recent times being able to live in shorts from early June to mid September??) Bliss! But of course there was a downside to all that glorious dry weather...

Definitely not a place you'd want to drop your car keys!


So, Harvest came along: not just of the wheat, but all those lovely summer fruits (you know the ones, where you eat more than you actually put in the basket!)

And there were some wonderful Harvest Moons which cast the most beautiful silver light across the ground.

We Yorkshire folk are a proud lot and have kept many a saying or colloquialism (which must be a nightmare for overseas visitors!) but I was recently given this tea towel with Yorkshire words on, many of which I have never heard, but at least now when I hear someone muttering that this blog is "fugglin", at least i'll know what they are on about!!

And finally, at the top of the lane where we live there is a bridlepath and Riley and I enjoy many a walk along it in search of rabbits for him to chase (and the beautiful Buzzards for me to watch in awe) but we have now made firm friends with this wonderful herd of cows who are just the most entertaining bunch and who we spend a fair few moments with blowing at each others nostrils!

But you have to admit, they are gorgeous....

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