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The Highs (and Lows!) of Summer

Well, the most obvious Highs are being able to enjoy balmy evenings and specatacular starry skies and clear views and nature in technicolor...

Freshly harvested rhubarb from our new pallet veg and fruit boxes which will be stewed gently and served on the breakfast buffet with some lovely creamy Greek!

And there is still more colour in the garden as the roses now begin to bloom.

And the colours from tonight's spectacular sunset over Crayke were simply stunning (no photo shopping going on here!)

BUT, the Lows are......................................................

getting talked into walking the 40 miles of the Lyke Wake Walk by your sister! There is no denying that the scenery across the whole walk is pretty much breathtaking as you trot/stumble/limp from Osmotherley (near Northallerton) to Ravenscar on the east coast of Yorkshire. But what no one points out is that you have to start walking at ridiculous o,clock (up at 02:50hrs!) and then if it rains on the open moorland? Well, forget enjoyment, just get Mountain Rescue on speed dial!!

Anyway, a few photos to bore you...

An enthusiastic little group at the crack of dawn

Spectacular scenery on the Cleveland Way

The "Locals" (if only they realised that is it only another short few weeks until the "Glorious" Twelth)

And a not-so-very-enthusiastic group at the end (although the homemade damson gin did manage to take the edge off the misery!)

So, i'm thinking next years challenge could be who can sit in the hot tub the longest in that luxury spa hotel!!!

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