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Shout it from the rooftops!


And as we Brits tend to get very excited about that orb in the sky (no, not the Moon!) and a sky colour that is NOT grey I feel it is our duty to share our good weather fortune with the world.

Everywhere (and I mean everywhere) around this part of North Yorkshire has been lively, vibrant with visitors and just full of folk going about their business with a Joie de vivre. York is back to it's bustling self... this photo of folk enjoying watching the world go by on King's Staithe shows.

So then imagine how lovely it is to come back to our south facing terrace after a hard days sightseeing to enjoy an ice cold G&T and a homemade shortbread biscuit (or whatever i've made for that day)

Riley has been feeling the heat so on our long training walks for the Lyke Wake Walk has been sniffing out water (a novelty for it not to be rainwater puddles for once!)

One of our favourite nearby walks is the Helmsley to Rievaulx Abbey circular walk ( where there are some amazing sights (ignoring the photo of a wet dog in a river cos that one ain't amazing!)

The daughter did tell me what this fungi is called but I can't remember so I shall just call it "the Great American Stack of Pancakes" fungi

And this little fellow below is a Slow Worm who was blinking lucky to not have been trodden on as he was just slobbing in his path camouflage colours and i am not the most observant of folk!

And here is the wet dog photo. Not amazing but the fact is he isn't eating and THAT is amazing in itself!

Only another six weeks to the highlight of the Yorkshire farming calendar, the Great Yorkshire Show, so let's hope that the sunshine can put in an appearance for that too.

But the best reason for getting out and about in this perfect pocket of North Yorkshire is that Groovy Moos ice cream parlour in Malton ( is now open until 6pm....woo hoo!!

Bring on that waffle cone and jammy dodger flavour ice cream......mmmmmm!

Ciao for now : )

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