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Long days and giddy four leggers!

So the best thing about living in the country (and on a farm!) has to be the unexpected visitors. This little chap came our way one night for a few days after he needed a temporary home....

He was just the cutest little fella ever but seriously grounded us as he needed to be bottle fed every two hours. Anyway, he is now back with his family and Riley is no longer on pig snout licking duty (yuk!) We like to think it was out of love but in reality it was all about getting the last remnants of pig milk after he had been fed and dribbled! Once a Labrador, always a Labrador!

And because finally the land has dried up a little after the winter rain the local cattle are back out in the fields again...and as curious as ever.

(but not these ones!)

Recently I was lucky enough to have an evening event at the Mansion House in York which has just opened to the public as a visitor attraction following a massive refurbishment. It is well worth a visit and is a very relaxed place to trot around with no roped off areas and friendly staff to give information. I have never seen the view from the Mansion House until that evening (obviously!!) and it is picture perfect

York is an amazing city and architectually stunning and we are lucky enough that on clear days we have a great view of York Minster towering over the city (nothing is allowed to be built which is taller than the Minster)

It has a wealth of great shops, quirky streets to wander in and now I notice, a northern Ivy Restaurant. It seems weird that The Ivy has deemed it necessary to branch out from it's original art deco origins in London but hey ho, progress I guess...

But later this year the tasty Tommy Banks (aka The Black Swan at Oldstead and the Great British Menu) will open a new restaurant in York called Roots so watch this space for updates.

Enough tittle tattle for now.....

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