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Must try harder!

Having heard that at school a lot (especially when it came to maths classes...yuk!) I am going to try and apply this to the Hazelwood Farm blog!

So here we go...

Obviously like the rest of the country this winter we had some cracking weather which was just like from the good old days

It played havoc with business as many guests who had booked cancelled but every cloud has a silver lining and much fun in the snow was to be had with all that surprise spare time!

But then luckily the snow cleared and nature kick started into more spring like activities

And because all of a sudden I could see and feel spring in the air it got me to thinking about how great it is to live in this amazing part of Yorkshire and what makes it so great...?

Is it the endless walking trails and cycle routes?

Or is it because our ducks are smart enough to read and know where is safe to cross the roads?

Or is it the fact that we have one of the finest stately homes in the UK?

But I tell you what it most definetly ISN'T.............

Our flipping pot holey roads!!

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