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The 5th month of the year and what a colourful one it is

May can be one of the prettiest months of the year, I think, as the buds on the trees burst into many shades of green and the blossom appears at it's best. It is also a time to think about all the lovely fruits that will hopefully materialize as a result of this blossom (this is just the foodie obsessed Nettie here thinking out loud!)

(but ignore the weeds amongst the strawberry plants please!)

But of course it is also a time when a bit of garden maintenance is required so the daughter was let loose with the hedge trimmer and some severe pruning occurred so things looked a lot neater (and leaner!)

Because we have had such a dry autumn, winter and now spring the cattle from the farm next door have been let out to play earlier than normal as the weather was mild and the grass had grown well so for a few days after their release from indoor incarceration there was much frollicking and mooing and kicking of heels (hooves?) but now they have settled down into the typical cow routine of eating and dozing!

But all this fine weather has brought about some really clear skies and with little light pollution here one of our guests stayed out late into the evening during her stay and got some fab shots under starry skies (photo credits to Emma Sharples)

And this moon is just INCREDIBLE!! This is what happens when you live in the country and there are no nasty street lights to ruin the night sky! (d'you see the Moon Dweller tucking into some cheese just to the far left? ......only kidding!)

And finally what would a Hazelwood Farm blog be like if there was no mention of gin?! There was recently a little soiree at the sister pub to the Durham Ox and it would have been rude of me not to attend their gin night (surely?!) It was show casing a local gin distillers (Masons Gin of Bedale) and Fever Tree tonic water and it was a very thrilling night (well, it would be after 7 G&T's, wouldn't it?!) But the whole story behind how Masons began was the coolest ever: the husband sent a Facebook message to the wife to pour him a G&T for when he arrived home from a long week at work. The same thing happened the next week, and the next until the wife decided that each Friday they would roadtest a new gin and give an appraisal of it on FB. This went on for some months until a friend asked why did they not make their own gin? The gauntlet was thrown down and duly they did exactly that!

So of course i'm now thinking well, if they can do it......

Anyone got an old pot still they don't want anymore??!!

Till next time......

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