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Spring hath sprung (temporarily!)

Oh, the excitement of we Brits when we see a little blue sky and can peel one layer off from our usual 5 top layers! But doesn't it warm the cockles and make everyone so sociable all of a sudden? On a recent (and nowadays rare) foray out on the bike, everyone was smiling, waving cheerful hellos and that was what struck me: we go out everyday to walk Riley and frequently see no one but the minute the weather is fair it is like all of a sudden the population of North Yorkshire reemerges, whether it be riding a bicycle, a horse, in a soft top car or just on foot.

And of course because it is officially spring the hedges are greening up, blossom is blooming and the oilseed rape is in flower to add a vibrant splash of colour against the magnificent scenery

And to go with this spring like weather the temperatures are creeping up dramatically too so that yesterday it was all "let's pretend it's really summer and drag out all the garden furniture" until we realise that actually it's not really summer, let alone spring, and it all has to go back in the shed until June!! Call me a cynic!

My clever nephew who is very talented with the welder and angle grinder has created two pairs of wonderful handrails for the sets of steps we have from the terrace down into the garden so hopefully this will encourage guests to feel free to wander into the garden and do an afternoons weeding!!

And of course Easter is looming so I did actually catch the Easter bunnies in a pow wow today obviously planning their tactics for hiding in the garden in time for next weekend's guests...tch, bunnies nowadays are so damn sneaky.....!!

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