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Soooo dull!!

So, I am finding being a professional (?!?) business woman so difficult and all this having to write only B&B related blog stuff is a tad tedious (yes, I know, i've only done two posts but hey...!!) so apologies to my extremely helpful webhelp friend but i'm resorting back to the old style of utter useless/irrelevent/downright rubbish style of blog waffle.

Phew! The status quo of unprofessionalism (is that even a word?) has been resumed.

So, to kick off this new/old style we are not going to discuss politics, sport or religion (or even Donald Trump!)

We recently had a friend of our sons to visit from the US and I just loved this great photo of their work boots by the back door

Spring has definitely sprung (i'm sure though that we will be caught out by snow in June!) but all of a sudden the hedges are just starting to green up just a little, the daffodils are throwing a vibrant splash of colour by the roadsides, and the crocus are scattering delicate swathes of purple and yellow around trees (and Riley's bottom!)


By doing this job I am always totally impressed by the amazing folk we meet and the individual skills which people have (whether they actually realise the skill they have or not) It may be that someone is an amazing listener, artist, comedian or in the case of the photo below, baker and cake decorator...

Check out those baked beans!! How can anyone be that talented for detail on a small scale? (mind, it looks way better that the dodgy breakfasts you get served here!!)

Now, if you have been to glorious North Yorkshire before you will appreciate what a special place it is and how many interesting places there are to visit within a stones throw from Crayke. But the other night I was taken a little further afield and wow! what a great little discovery this place was...

This is the way forward in cinema experience! Comfy sofas and arm chairs, hot food served to your seat, and more importantly, each sofa has it's own wine bucket...what more could a cinema goer wish for? Well done, Ilkley Cinema, for providing a fantastic experience.

And finally in this blog I do rather sometimes bang on about the incredible guests we have to stay (but to be quite honest, that's exactly what they are) and these perfect guests saw me cutting the garden t'other day and brought out a little glass of liquid refreshment (don't think i've ever necked a glass of Prosecco before whilst pushing the lawnmower!!....could get used to it though!)

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