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New beginnings...

So, Christmas is now just a fog of abandoned sweetie wrappers, cold and over cooked sprouts lurking at the back of the fridge, and a stack of dvds that you never quite got around to watching (or is that Yorkshire that still has dvds? I guess you are all trendy "streamers" by now!)

Well, as the New Year approaches and the New Years Resolutions list has early scribes on it (which we all know are to be abandoned by lunchtime on the 1st!!) we too have (almost!) exciting news.....

FINALLY, after 10 years we are taking the bold step of offering an online booking facility via our new website. We're almost there with it and the actual date will be released via Twitter...but of course we will still be more than delighted to hear from you via email and good old fashioned phone.

(couldn't find a photo of a bugler announcing the great announcement so let's just pretend these fine fellas are shouting out the news instead! Photo courtesy of

So, now I would just like to wish you all a happy New Year and hopefully 2017 will be sunny, warm, fun and full of laughter for you.

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